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Upgrading the CPU on a Dell GX240 – Again!

I never expected that I would upgrade one of my elderly Dell GX240 PCs again, but today I did. I have two GX240 tower PCs. One of them has been used as a firewall for five years, the other as it’s fallback spare. I retired both of them a few weeks ago, replacing them with […]

D-Link DFE-570TX and Broadcom BCM5821

I have just acquired a used 4-port D-Link fast ethernet PCI board from a seller on eBay. I have been looking for one of these for my ‘new’ firewall for ages and was about to give up. The firewall is an old crate of a Dell GX240 with PCI slots but it still has plenty […]

W3C, please don’t screw up the World Wide Web.

FOXSAT-HDR Dropbear SSH with keys

WARNING: This article relates to the dropbear package version 2012.55 and not the updated package 2012.55-1 that now includes the ability to login with keys. It is no longer necessary to use these instructions to modify the dropbear installation on your FOXSAT-HDR. The instructions on how to generate and distribute client keys are still valid. […]

Custom firmware for Humax FOXSAT-HDR

I have been using my Humax FOXSAT-HDR since I bought it new in 2009 and functionally it hasn’t changed much bar the addition of BBC and ITV catch-up TV services. I have always hoped that the manufacturer would issue a DLNA server upgrade to the firmware, but it never came. That is until today… While […]

Do you use self service checkouts?

I don’t. It’s not that I don’t think that they offer any benefit to me, it’s more about the harm that they do to the store’s local economy. The primary function of a self service checkout is to reduce the cost of having staff at a store. The more customers that use them, the less […]

Unable to enumerate USB device on port…

I have an old PC with what appears to be a broken implementation of USB. I cannot obtain a BIOS update and there is no BIOS setting to switch off USB either. Very old Linux distributions would run on this PC, but only on those with USB support as loadable modules. For later kernels with […]

What to do with an OldWorld Mac?

During our recent house move I found my old and dusty PowerMac 8500/180 while we were packing up the contents of my garage. It had been placed on the bottom shelf of my car spares shelving for a time when I could either make a VGA adapter cable or acquire another old Mac monitor to […]

Installing Zoneminder on Ubuntu 11.04

I have been experimenting with Zoneminder recently, using the pre-built package for Ubuntu 11.04. I couldn’t get the package to work properly but found some very useful instructions in the Zoneminder Wiki that made it work. When I finish the installation I will put this into an install script.    

MythTV Preshutdown check for UPnP AV clients

I have reconfigured my MythTV backend server to shutdown automatically when there are no recordings within the next couple of hours. It does this using ACPI and wakes up automatically using the NVRAM Alarm function built in to the computer’s motherboard. However, one annoying aspect that I found quite quickly afterwards was that my backend […]