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There is a new book on FreeSWITCH 1.0.6 that is to be published in July 2010 by Packt Publishing. I’m looking forward to reading it. To find out more about FreeSWITCH visit www.freeswitch.org

Acer DX900 Smartphone

I bought an Acer DX900 Smartphone last September without actually trying one out first. That was a big mistake. The phone’s specification is impressive but it’s the dual SIM card capability that I really needed. I had a look at some Samsung Duos models and they were very good, but none of them at that […]

Secure DNS

I use various Comodo tools to protect my Windows based computers. One service offering that I noticed recently was their Secure DNS that provides an alternative to the DNS provided by my ISP. Making the change is straight forward in DHCP or resolver configuration. If you need instructions they can be found here. The IP […]

MythWeb in the DMZ

These instructions have been written specifically for installing MythWeb on an Ubuntu 9.10 host. Preparation Build an Apache2 web host in the DMZ and setup password login using .htaccess in the web server’s document root. Use individual user ID’s and a group called ‘authorised-users’ to control access to the server. See htpasswd. Configure port forwarding […]

Monitoring a Linksys WAG200G using SNMP

I have been using a Linksys WAG200G as a wireless access point since December 2007. I’m not using it for my broadband connection as I have a separate firewall and router already on my network. It has been running reliably without any problems since installed and it occurred to me that it had been some […]

Upgrading the CPU on a Dell GX240

My two recently acquired Dell GX240 PCs were surprisingly quick with the 1.6Ghz Pentium 4 processors and Ubuntu. However, after some research I discovered that the GX240 motherboard is capable of using a more powerful processor without having to change to faster RAM. A quick search on eBay located two used SL6VV (2.6Ghz Celeron) processors […]

World Community Grid Certificate Problem

I recently installed BOINC on one of my Ubuntu machines but it wouldn’t do any work for the World Community Grid (WCG). The message log showed ‘Scheduler request failed: peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates’. I tracked the problem down on the BOINC website. It is caused by a missing digital certificate […]

Brother MFC-660CN printer for Ubuntu 9.10

I have a Brother MFC-660CN all-in-one network printer on our LAN and it has been performing admirably for nearly three years. I was so impressed with this printer that I bought a MFC-680CN for my parents and another for use at home. Each of the Windows PCs has the complete multifunction driver set installed and […]

NEC MultiSync 5FGe on Ubuntu 9.10

I recently bought two used and abused Dell GX240 PCs for a software development project I am currently working on. I don’t have a spare LCD monitor to use with them at the moment but the guy that sold me the PCs also had some old CRTs that he wanted to get rid of. So, […]

Rediscovering Ubuntu

I have been a long time fan of Linux and Unix in general since the early 1990’s. I have tried many Linux distributions over the years but found that I kept on coming back to Debian. Some time ago when Ubuntu was first gaining traction I built my first Linux desktop PC. Up until this […]