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Scheduling automatic updates to save money

I had an unlimited download account with my previous Internet Service Provider and I never worried about what time of day I would download a CD-ROM ISO or system update. However, since changing to PlusNet I am now on a 60GB per month download limit as unlimited accounts are now a thing of the past. […]

Choosing a rural broadband provider

I have recently moved home and I decided that after nearly eight years with PIPEX it was time to look around and see if it was possible to find a better rural broadband provider. PIPEX provided the service that I needed for many years. But after multiple takeovers, the service and the customer support deteriorated. […]

Secure DNS

I use various Comodo tools to protect my Windows based computers. One service offering that I noticed recently was their Secure DNS that provides an alternative to the DNS provided by my ISP. Making the change is straight forward in DHCP or resolver configuration. If you need instructions they can be found here. The IP […]