I still think of myself as a Mechanical Engineer although it has been some years since I was employed as such. My first career in Robotic Engineering soon led me into software development and then into network system integration. I suppose I have a love/hate relationship with computing. I enjoy working with computers but they don’t properly fulfil my desire to create. I would dearly love to go back to real engineering but I.T. is just easier to earn a living from.

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  1. Vince says:

    Great to hear from you again Howard. Email sent.

  2. Howard Morris says:

    Vince Hi,

    Dont know if you remember me from the Anachem Days. You were the IT Manager there. Ive since left Anachem and now am Head Of IT for a Large Computer Manufacturer. It would be great to catch up some time. Was only thinking about the fun we had installing the infrastructure in Germany. Drop me a line.



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