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What is this Privacy Policy for?

It informs visitors of this website ( about how the data concerning their visit may be collected and used and what methods are taken to protect it.

Visitors are human beings that use visual, aural, or tactile methods to absorb the information stored in this website (the content). Non-human interaction with this website is unauthorised without prior written consent from the owners of this website.

The Website

The owners of this website respect the privacy of visitors and ensure that necessary steps are taken to protect their privacy during and after their visit.

This website creates small files called ‘Cookies‘ that are saved to the visitor’s device storage. Cookies can be used to track, save and store information about the visitor’s interactions and use of the website.

Where applicable, this website asks new visitors if they wish to permit or deny this website from using cookies on their device. European Union legislation requires websites to obtain explicit consent from visitors before leaving behind or reading files such as cookies on a visitor’s device.

Visitors are advised that if they wish to deny this website the use of cookies on their device that they should take necessary steps within their web browser’s security settings to block all cookies from this website and associated external services from other providers.

This website does NOT use tracking software to monitor its visitors.

Visitors are encouraged to install or enable software in their browser to restrict the execution of Javascript to only those that you authorise.

Visitors are encouraged to install anti-tracking browser software or enable features that restrict the tracking of their visit across websites.

This website does not use Local Shared Objects (LSOs). Visitors are encouraged to use software that enables the visitor to have control over stored LSOs.

This website does NOT use referral programs, sponsored links or adverts. External linked content is likely to use cookies and/or LSOs. Please refer to the linked content’s privacy policy.

Contact & Communication

Visitors contacting this website and/or its owners do so at their own discretion and provide any such personal details requested at their own risk. Your personal information is kept private and stored securely until a time it is no longer required or has no use, as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) 27 April 2016. A new Subject Access Request process will available on this website soon. Please enquire by email for more information if you wish to make a subject access request.

This website and its owners use any information submitted in answering any questions or queries you may have submitted. Your details are not passed on to any third parties. However, if you leave comments on this website other visitors may be able to identify you based on your comment’s content or meta data.

External Links

This website endeavours to include good quality, safe and relevant external links. Visitors are advised to be cautious before clicking any external website links mentioned throughout this website.

The owners of this website cannot guarantee or verify the contents of any externally linked website despite their best efforts. Visitors should therefore note they click on external links at their own risk and this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any external links mentioned.

Adverts and Sponsored Links

This website does NOT contain sponsored links or adverts.

Social Media Platforms

This website does NOT intentionally participate in any social media platforms. Visitors are advised that if they must use a social media platform that they do so wisely and communicate or engage upon them with due care and caution in regard to their own privacy and personal details. This website nor its owners will ever ask for personal or sensitive information through social media platforms and encourage vistors wishing to discuss sensitive details to contact us by email.

This website does NOT use ‘social sharing’ buttons.

Shortened Links

Visitors are advised to take caution and good judgement before clicking any shortened URLs on this website or those published on social media platforms. Despite the best efforts to ensure only genuine URLs are published, many social media platforms have been previously used to distribute spam and malware or used to gain unauthorised access to visitor’s devices. Therefore, this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any shortened links.

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